Why online poker is incredibly fun!

The polotics might be getting to me because I don’t always feel that way about poker. Even without gambling and playing out of your range it can be a really fun and challenging game.

The first thing that first drew me to this game was the challenge. I knew it was possible to make money playing online poker and I wanted to be one of those winning players. Before I even made a deposit I went to the book store and bought internet texas holdem by Matt Hilgar and joined the Internet texas holdem forum to learn as much as I can.

Probably the most helpful lesson I learned was to start start low and only move up a limit when I had the proper bankroll. The idea behind starting at low stakes and building up is to prove that you have the skills to beat a limit before moving up to a new limit.

This challenge really brought me into the game. Something about trying to build a huge bankroll from nothing, using long term skill, was a lot of fun for me. It was even more exciting when I started charting my daily results and seeing how my efforts were paying off.

Besides actually playing the game, I love the drama that goes on in the poker community. It’s pure entertainment sometimes. Watching someone go from $100 to $50,000 to $0 in a day, a young gun taking on a respected pro in a high stakes games, seeing $300,000 pots slide across the virtual tables… It’s pure entertainment!

And the corniest one is the cumminity. This keeps in the game even after I get burnt out from playing. I don’t play to much poker lately, but I still follow the forums and read blogs daily.

Author: Axel

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